Strategy & Consulting

The highest performing organizations are distinguished by strong strategy. We develop IT Strategy that aligns with your business strategy. Pollux’s strategy team will work collaboratively and closely with your business to develop IT strategy to transform the business.

IT Projects Failure Rate is High

IT projects fail a lot and it is not a staggering revelation. 2008 US government accountability office study found that 50% of federally funded projects are poorly planned or poorly performing. Mckinsey study in 2012 found that IT projects deliver 50% less value then predicted and 17% of large IT projects are executed so poorly that they threaten the existence of the company. Data and Analytics report produced by MIT Sloan Business review shows even with year over year improvement more than 40% of the companies don’t believe that their business analytics initiatives are giving them competitive advantage.

Only 17% of the companies are considered analytical innovators.

Why IT Projects Fail?

Fundamental weakness throughout the industry is not the lack of IT ability instead the deep understanding of business strategy and how IT strategy supports business strategy. IT strategies treat technology in isolation.

Your company may be working on a cloud strategy, social strategy, or mobile strategy. Customer-facing solutions rely on pervasive digital connections in which the individual applications merge to deliver an experience that looks and feels a lot like natural user behaviour. Does your strategy capitalize on that?

How Pollux Team can help setup Project for Success?

IT Strategy is about how business will flourish by using technology. IT Strategy guides organisations on how technology can help them achieve their goals, boost their competitiveness and increase their chances of success through technological innovation, cost savings and process automation.

Pollux’s team will work with the business to define IT Strategy that defines with your Business Strategy. Business cannot solve all the issues with limited budget, Pollux team will help you prioritize the problems business should focus on. We will develop IT Strategy that concentrate on specific business outcomes.