Custom Application Development

The software, which suits your specific purpose, may not be readily available in the market or your users may not be adopting the current software. When packaged solutions and software are not flexible enough for your enterprise, Pollux can build industry specific customized end-to-end solutions to your company needs.

Our experts will work along with your stakeholder to define your needs, write specs and design, develop, test as well as integrate software across different platforms allowing your systems to function as one system. We designs application interfaces based on specific use cases and optimize interface during iterations, based on customer feedback to match your organization’s look and feel.

Our team members can help customers design and implement Accounting and Inventory systems, Trading Systems, Data Aggregation and Reporting, Order Entry, Restaurant software, Debt Collection software and other systems to make their business run efficiently.

Custom software vs. off the shelf

Off-the-shelf products are designed for a wide range of consumers who require fundamentally similar needs with a standard design and framework that is pre-produced. For example, SAP is a product designed for diverse solutions. Risk is that Off-the-shelf products might not cater for all your individual requirements. Organizations can customize the product (For example SAP) to little extent to meet limited number of requirements. Off-the-shelf product does not, however, cater to any specific entity like custom software application would.

Customized software development involves development and release of a software product tailored to a single specific entity. The software is designed considering the company’s implementation needs in mind, implying it can only work for that organization.

Benefits of custom application development

  • Custom software is tailor made for your business needs, budget and requirements. It eliminates the need to change your business procedures to fit a pre-developed software product.
  • The software fits perfectly with your existing business software system ecosystem and usually eliminates the need to use multiple applications for specific business functions.
  • You own the intellectual property rights of the software. You will be in control enhance the application to suit your company.
  • Bespoke software could potentially offer you a competitive advantage. We will suggest improving your service and opening up alternatives, while acting as an ongoing source of information and advice relating to IT.
  • While upfront costs are more expensive, with bespoke software there are no licensing costs and updates can be supplied without further costs. The software should not become obsolete over time as it can constantly be developed.