Data Analytics

There is an enormous amount of information flooding in relational, legacy, web applications along with Internet of things (IoT) and other sources. The Business Intelligence solutions help manage data that is dispersed and unstructured to build trends, predict outcomes, improve returns and define strategies based on predictive analytics.

Pollux can help address your Business Intelligence (BI) needs by providing technical experts to help deliver high quality BI reports and dashboards.  Our Business Intelligence reports and dashboards help your organisation manage and leverage its data to improve key factors like decision-making process, operational management, customer and market responsiveness.


Organizations can collect data from their applications and convert this data into information to make strategic decisions. Our team can develop business intelligence reports from retrieving data from individual or consolidated applications. Our reporting services also include migration of existing reports to new platform. Our team has extensive experience in reporting services in a variety of platforms.

Data Visualization

Visual solutions communicate complex information in an intuitive, accessible way. Our solutions enable rapid insight and visual storytelling that support a culture of data-driven insight. Success in data visualization comes down to getting to know your business, your people and your data. Our team gets to the root of the decisions your business users need to make to be effective.Our team builds dashboards that analyse operational processes and corporate performance management issues. We analyse underlying data, track business metrics, and modify business rules in accordance to changing conditions, to provide organizations with insight so they can make better informed choices. We have experience in creating dashboards using Dundas, Tableau and other similar tools.