.NET's reusable code, interoperability, and rapid development framework make it an ideal platform for building cross-platform applications, SOA based solutions, and web services. In-depth expertise in SaaS development enables us to design and build rich and robust applications.


Presentation Tier

  • iconThe presentation layer houses the user interface and related presentation code.

  • iconVisual elements look and layout of the web form is defined by markup file, server controls, and static text

  • iconProgramming logic for the page, which includes event handlers and other code

  • iconFor Web Applications, we use HTML5, ASP .Net, Silverlight, AJAX, and .NET based UI components to build a rich and intuitive user interface for social networking, reporting, dashboards, etc.

  • iconFor Desktop Applications, we use WPF, WinForm

Business Tier
  • Business objects

    • iconA business object is a component that encapsulates the data and business processing logic for a particular business entity.

    • iconAt the business logic tier, tools such as TPL and, WCF, WF are used to manage and build user-friendly applications.

    • iconWe use C# language to write business Objects

  • Data Access Layer

    • iconThe objective of the DAL is to provide data to your business objects without using database specific code.

    • iconThe objective of the DAL is to provide data to your business objects without using database specific code.

    • iconFrameworks such as Hibernate, Spring, C#, and ADO .NET Entity Framework are used in the configuration and implementation of the persistence layer, meant to separate business logic from the database access code.

    • iconTools such as ODATA, .NET Remoting, WSDL, UDDI, XML/XML Schema and HTTP are used for integration and data exchange.

Data Tier
  • iconData tier is database systems. Data is stored in databases, which are most often relational databases.

  • iconTables define the physical storage of data in a database.

  • iconStored procedures and views allow you to manipulate data as it goes into and out of those tables.

  • iconThe native capabilities of Microsoft SQL server, SQL Azure, and other DBMS are harnessed for server-side optimization.

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