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Pollux software solutions is a place where you get great innovative services in software development, web and mobile apps development, system integration process, reports and dashboards, custom software development and many more. They are in this field for a long time servicing clients globally and have built long term relationship with their clients. Satisfying the clients and assisting them to attain their business goal is the goal of Pollux. They understand their clients to a great extent and provide cost effective IT solutions and services.

They are expertise in various fields like web and mobile apps development, e-commerce, apps for iPhone, iPad, Android, PHP, word press and Drupal. They will assist you in all your developments and help you to win big challenges. You will be placed in the digital world with all that your company needs and will push you to attain your goal. They serve according to the voice of the customer, they have been improving themselves in their fields to stay forefront in servicing their clients. They follow all the law and provide a transparency in their service.

Customer’s expectations are exceeded

Every company needs its own software so that they can do their work in their way. Pollux is here to design any kind of software which is packed with solutions and that are flexible for the clients to enjoy. They provide all the end-to-end solutions for all types of software developed. You can get any type of database design, internet/intranet software applications according to size of the company. High standards are always the first step in developing software; they have great communication structure where they are in touch with their clients for all the 24 hours. They will send expert to your place to understand your type of work they will work along with your stake holders and will design unique software for your company. It will be tested with different platforms and will also collect your customer’s feedback to improvise the same and make it a perfect match to your organization working style. They will be providing reports on regular basis on the software that they are designing. They will also collect regular feedbacks from the clients to check the working process of the software they have designed and will provide with instant solutions to any issues in the usage of the software.

Pollux has a great hand in developing custom software development with PHP-hypertext pre-processors, java-application development and also .net-custom development services. Their team can design software’s for accounting and inventory systems, order entry of the company, restaurant unique software, all kinds of debt collection software and many more according the clients need. Pollux has great experience in developing custom software using java-application. This is a choice of many because of its open source of available components. It also offers a very low cost of ownership when java is used; java is very unique, platform portability, very much flexible and scalable. The technology and framework are been done using html/wml, JSPs, velocity and Flex. Pollux designs the custom software development into various tiers for you to understand the back process of the design. They design as presentation tier, business tier and data tier. .net-custom development services are very ideal for cross-platform application types. All the design made by them are transparent and easy understandable for the clients. Understand the needs of the clients are what the main goal of Pollux is.

System Integration done by Pollux

System integration is a process where all the types of subsystems and components are joined together. Industries will need system integration so that they can function in a whole. Integrating all the systems and the subsystems needs a great hand in both the software and hardware engineering. This is an end-to-end process where broad range of knowledge is needed for developing system integration. Pollux is here to do all this for you; their application developing team will find the best solutions to any kind of business. They follow a different approach where their main aim is to completely satisfy their clients in all the process and procedures. Various forms of system integration are been done by them, like horizontal integration, vertical integration, star integration and a unique common data format. Their team is well available and has great knowledge in all these process. They provide all integration methods that will give their client business productivity and also use cost saving methods. All these designs are applied only after they understand your needs and your company in full so that their hands will assist you in developing your business.

Pollux offer user friendly Business Intelligence

New methods like Dashboard based business intelligence are been used today to improve the business performances. User friendly business intelligence is needed to help increase the participation and improve performance. Business intelligence is an interactive computer-based design that helps the decision makers to use the technology to analyse the problem and solve it. These designs are helping in the operation of the company depending on the size of the company. Earlier only monthly and yearly reports were created to analyse the issues, but with Pollux reports and dashboards you will be able to take up reports on everyday basis. Dashboards designed has two features like integration and visualization, the information are provided via graphics displayed called dashboards, is give a display of all the performances of the organization .This is a great tool for the managers to analyse the performance of the company and will assist them in decision makings. The BIs also has two major types’ analytical calculations like data driven and model driven.

Pollux has a great team that will first analyse your company’s process and then will design reports and dashboards that is needed by your company. All the information that are scattered will be put on the reports to understand the performance and will generate reports that will assist you in developing your company. These reports and dashboards act as a great base to calculate the development process of the company. Decision making process is made easier. Pollux can create reporting services in platforms like SSRS, Microsoft dynamic AX and also oracle 11g platforms. All these things will be confirmed to you before creating one for your company. Understanding and creating is made easy by Pollux; they provide you with their team to enable you to understand the software and will assist you at all time. All their creations are user friendly and easy understanding methods. Business done on the web needs great technical support on all times, before you start a business on the web you will need great unique software created for your business only. This unique software like the web apps are dominating today’s business world. Apps are created with great features that give great information about your company to the customers. It has to be customer friendly and also provide you will all the information of the customer for you to get in touch with him in future. Pollux has great experienced team in developing mobile apps that are compatible to all platforms and can also be future updated. Any business to have a great profit in the web world has to have it own app. This is acting as a visiting card for the customers, data collected through these apps are to be well processed and retained for future reference. Pollux first understands the customer’s needs, and then they analyse and design the software for the client. After development they keep a track of its process and collect regular feedbacks from the client to make them customer friendly. Once it is deployed they crosscheck it actions regularly and keep updating and upgrading the app on regular basis.

Pollux main aim is to satisfy the client to a great extent where the client will be coming back to them for future developments, here both of them are profited. They first try to understand what the organization wants from them. They try to analyse what kind of problems that the client wants to solve. They estimate the business value and then proceed with the process. They first evaluate the current solutions by conducting workshops and try to understand the project sponsors and also the application users; they measure all the needs of the client and then will address their business goals. They mainly try to understand the competition and then try to implement what is needed for the client. They explain the customers what type of technology is available and what can be used for them to attain their goals. The prototype built for the client is taken care that they are 100% user friendly. They would like the client have a visual delight in their creation for them. Brand identity is well maintained in the application. Feedbacks from the user are collected to help the client understand his customer base. All these rules are been followed by Pollux in creating any type of custom software development, reports dashboards or whatever the client needs.

Development and maintenance process of Pollux

Pollux software solutions consider the projects provided to them as a unique challenge and try to develop the same with great functions that will assist in all ways for the client to develop himself in his field. They have experts who do the designing for the clients that work in all types of cross platforms. Their outputs are scalable by the client and focus only on the excellence in performance. All the latest technologies are been applied to build the project for the client. Once the project is been handed over to the client, Pollux goes further a step in maintain the same for the client. They transfer all the needed details and knowledge of the project to the client and provide 24/365 support. Online support is always given so that any issue with their creation is solved immediately. They send their teams to the place of the clients to give them training and also provide manuals on usage of the software to the client. Regular monitoring will be done by them and will do all the modifications that are needed by the client. They also provide up gradation of the same at due times so that the client need not spend much on recreating the same in future. They create the project is such a way that easy upgrading can be done in the near future. Pollux also allows the client to integrate the same with new applications.

Services and solutions at all times

Pollux software solution aims at having a long term connection with their client by providing IT solutions with high quality and innovations. Customer’s satisfaction is what they need as the end product. They consider them success in their fields if their clients attain their goal. They consider their clients as their company and try to provide all the latest technological assistance. Understanding what the client needs is their base for developing in their field. Once you land in Pollux you will get great innovative and high technological standards in all types of application services. Pollux has proven their hand in almost all applications and provides you with great services in mobile application, scalable web applications, leading e-commerce solutions, custom software development, system integration process, decision making reports and dashboards. You need to just given them a call at +61 433 809 994 or send a mail at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. They will be there to serve you at all times. To understand them before you hand over the project you can also book free consultation, just send them your details they will send their team to understand your expectations, your business and they will provide you free quote. After analyzing their capability you can hand over your project to them. You can also visit their website at and get to know their innovative and technology standards. All your business needs will be attended by them and will be executed to your complete satisfaction. Pollux software solutions have great solutions to all your digital business.


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